Running Meets Strategic Game Play!

Set roughly once a fortnight in different parts of Central London, our free "DeadDrop RunGame" nights are an evening of tactical running with gameplay, followed by a social meetup in the pub!

Our motto of "Run Easy - Game Hard!" rings true as you enter exciting running games such as "Capture the flag", "Base Defence" and "Counter Attack", all set out over an optional 2-10k course.

During the games you will explore cool parts of London while testing your running tactics and the will to win!

All abilities are welcome as the games are won with strategy not necessarily who is fitter/faster.

Each evening of running is highly social and we always go for a beer post session. 

Plus - its FREE! 

The dates for the upcoming RunGame nights are here:

Jan 17th
Jan 31st
Feb 21st
March 7th
March 14th

You can sign up to the next RunGame event HERE!

More dates will be released in due course!

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